Convert Your Barber or Salon Chair into an ADA Compliant Salon Chair With the Rose Pedal Salon Footrest – Installs in a Breeze!

No Need to Buy a New Chair!

Salon Footrest | ADA Compliant Salon Chairs | Handicapped Salon ChairsAs a stylist for over 30 years I have invented a footrest for salon styling chairs for the handicapped and elderly. It creates easy access for all clients to the chair. By adding the Rose Pedal footrest equipment to the styling chair it qualifies you for two federal rebates just for making your salon ADA compliant. This is just one of the advantages of having the Rose Pedal footrest. Safety is our number one concern and this footrest puts everyone at ease.

Become ADA Compliant Now

Rose Pedal Salon Footrest Inventor:  Rose Zvonik

Are Your Chairs an Accident Waiting to Happen?

Salon Footrest for Handicapped

Ordinary salon chairs like the one above are hard for small children, the elderly and people who are disabled or handicapped to get in and out of.

Make Your Chairs Safe & Easily Accessible!

Salon Footrest | ADA Compliant Salon Chairs | Handicapped Salon Chairs

Make your chairs safe and easier for customers to get in and out of your chairs while bringing them up to ADA Compliance Standards.

Fits Most Salon Chairs & Installation is a Breeze!

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“I had lost the use of my right foot and must rely on a wheelchair or walker for my mobility. Before coming to see you for my trim I was worried about how I could get into the styling chair. To my surprise I was delighted to see the new footrest with the flip up pedals so that I could easily get into the chair without any problem.”
“Trying to get my husband to go and get a haircut was impossible. He had to use a walker and said that he couldn’t get into the chair so he wouldn’t go. I told him about the new footrest at my salon where the footplates flipped up and I was sure that he would be able to get into the chair. He finally went and boy was he surprised how easy it was.”
Mrs. J.B.
“Wow! Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? I have been a hairdresser for 20 years and am presently working in a nursing home and boy did we need the Rose Pedal footrest. Being skeptical , we only ordered one just to see how it worked. Well, we loved it so much that we immediately ordered 3 more for the other chairs in the shop. Our residents love it too. It sure makes it so much easier for both the residents and the stylists.”
“Hi Rose, Just wanted to tell you how much we appreciate your footrests. Working at a senior care center we have tried to figure out how to help our clients get safely into the styling chair. We even had our maintenance department try to build a better footrest. It didn’t work, but they tried. So we were excited when yours arrived. Everyone is very satisfied, our clients don’t have to try to climb around or over the bar and our stylists don’t have to worry about them falling. This is a wonderful product!”
Cindy Luebesmier, Beauty shop manager, Lyngblomsten Care Center
“I was so excited when I saw the Rose Pedal website. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I have searched for something like this for a long time. My clients are up in age and I needed help. I was losing clients because they couldn’t get in or out of the salon chair safely. Well, they are back now and we are all happy. Thanks for inventing a great product for so many people.”